Bottom Clothing

You know how important it is to wear the right yoga clothes while practicing yoga. It is very important how comfortable and free you feel in your tights, especially when it comes to yoga tights. Because only if you feel free can you adapt to your journey of liberation more. Therefore, if you want to purify and explore with yoga, you should make sure that your choice of yoga tights is correct.

Each of Nui Yoga's yoga tights is made with breathable fabrics. This is a feature that prevents your tights from getting heavy on you. So even if you do yoga for a long time, you can feel as good as the first time with your tights. In addition, the fabrics we use leave an extra soft feeling on your body. It is impossible to feel bad with the tights in our collection and our tights have the feature to allow you to move freely as you wish. So with them you can overcome even the toughest yoga poses.