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What is a Meditation Mat?

Meditation and yoga are important practices for physical and mental health for centuries. During these practices that allow the soul to relax and the body to stretch, auxiliary yoga equipment should be used. Assistive yoga equipment offers you the chance for a healthier experience without injury.
The meditation mat, which every yoga enthusiast should have, is the yoga equipment that allows you to get much more efficiency in restorative poses. The yoga mat, which is an ideal product for relaxation moments, is also very important in preventing possible injuries.

What Does a Meditation Mat Do?

Meditation cushions are placed under the sitting bones to help you in positions where you need support. Meditation and yoga sessions are long-lasting practices. During these practices, it is important that our body is comfortable, that our body is not forced and that our posture is correct. Meditation cushions are designed to give our body the correct posture. You can keep your spine straight in sitting positions by sitting on yoga, meditation mats. Yoga meditation cushions are cushions designed for a comfortable meditation experience. It helps keep your spine straight by elevating your pelvis. Meditation cushions that you use while sitting on them bring a proper posture to your feet.
Considerations When Choosing a Meditation Mat
When choosing a meditation cushion, you should choose soft-textured products made of cotton fabric. Sweating while doing your yoga practices can cause odor on your meditation cushions that you are in constant contact with. For this reason, when necessary, the cover can be removed and washed products will be more accurate in terms of hygiene.
Meditation cushion size is one of the points you should definitely pay attention to in your purchase! You should choose yoga mats with the appropriate diameter and height for you. You should not buy a cushion that is high enough to disturb your balance or that is too small to grasp your sitting bones. For an average meditation cushion, the measurement may be 33cm in diameter.