Lavender Eye Cushions

The lavender eye pillows, which are used in the Savasana pose, that is, the Corpse Pose, which is often repeated while doing yoga, allow the wearer to calm down and focus more on the moment as they calm down, thanks to the lavender aroma in their content. Anyone who wants to give himself more to his body and breath while doing yoga and, as a result, to understand better, explore better and perceive balance more deeply, should definitely get lavender eye pillows. In addition, when the eye pillow is put on before going to sleep at night, it helps the person to sleep better and have nights full of pleasant dreams.

The lavender eye pillows, which are in the yoga equipment category of Nui Yoga, will give you a very pleasant yoga or relaxation experience thanks to their fabrics compatible with the sensitive eye area. You can also gift yourself a special gift by buying these eye pillows.