Bag / Mat Straps


What is Mat Strap?

The carrying strap is yoga equipment that allows you to easily carry your yoga mat. It helps to carry your mat easily by being attached to the shoulder. It is suitable for diagonal or straight wearing. The mat hanger is a product that can also be used as a yoga belt. You can also use it as a belt function for you to stretch in challenging yoga poses.

What Does the Mat Hanger Do?

mat hanger; It provides practicality for you to carry your mats while going to the studio, camping and vacation. It is compatible with all mats with different color and pattern options. With its cotton fabric texture, it helps you carry it comfortably without hurting your shoulder. Nui Yoga mat straps at the same time

You can also use it as a yoga belt that helps you stretch in challenging poses. With the mat hanger, which plays an important role among yoga materials, you can reach stretches that you cannot do lightly and without risk of injury. With a yoga belt, you don't need to make a special effort to keep your legs straight and feel the stretch behind them. With this function, the mat hanger also acts as a yoga belt. It helps you to carry your mat safely with its special quick-release metal hooks for easy fixing and adjustment in all sizes.

Features of Nui Yoga Mat Strap

Nui Yoga mat straps are made of cotton fabric. Thus, it does not hurt your shoulder when carrying heavy mats.
It does not create any risk of falling with its fixed metal hook. It allows you to carry your mat safely.
Its length is 2 m and its width is 4 cm. It is convenient to carry easily on your shoulder.
Made in Turkey.
It doesn't take up space.