about us

“Your body exists in the past and your mind exists in the future. With yoga, the two meet in the present.”

BKS Iyengar

about us

Nui Yoga, whose name means abundance, fertility and wonder in Maori language, is a brand that aims to bring yoga materials that will make yoga more enjoyable to more people. It was established to take part in the journeys of those who want to gain awareness and to enable them to practice yoga more enjoyable.


To make yoga more enjoyable and productive for people who do or want to do yoga, by making it easier for them to access the right yoga materials for their health.


Keeping the pulse of the industry, bringing quality and innovative yoga materials to people who love to do yoga, being the leading brand in Turkey when it comes to yoga with the successful designs it has launched, taking its place in the international platform thanks to our team that improves itself day by day, and making yoga love more and more people. .

Founder's Message

As a person who has devoted his life to self-discovery and raising awareness of the universe with yoga; Revitalizing our emotions and abilities such as empathy, rediscovering balance and living in harmony in our inner and outer worlds start with just a little awareness. Yoga is a journey where a person frees his body and balances his mind in this world full of suffering and confusion, and finally meets his own essence and the essence of the universe. As Nui Yoga, we are happy and happy to be with you on this journey.