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Meditation for Beginners

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Advice for Beginners to Meditation
Due to stressful work life and fast-paced life events, our mind and body are exposed to many stressors. For this reason, we invite many diseases caused by stress. High blood pressure and heart diseases are among these stress-related diseases. At this point, we come across multiple alternatives in order to cope with stress and not catch these diseases. At the beginning of these alternatives, meditation has a separate place and importance.
Meditation, which literally means "focusing on deep thoughts", prevents diseases caused by stressful life. Meditation, which is also recommended by doctors, is used as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of stress-related diseases and in combating stress. With this practice used as an adjunct therapy, you can delve deeper into the power of mental thought and discover the essence. With this discovery, it removes all the physical and mental problems caused by stress by removing your mind from thoughts with bad energy.
In this month's article, we have compiled many important points for beginners or those who are just starting out with meditation practice, which has many benefits. We wish you all a pleasant reading!
What is Meditation?
Meditation is generally known as the practice of resting the mind and clearing the mind. In some religions, it also has meanings such as finding God, feeling death and existence. Meditation, which has become one of the most important means of fighting stress today, aims to find inner peace and purify the mind from bad energies while fighting stress. In line with this purpose, after purifying the body from both physical and mental stress, it enables our body to function in a healthier way.
What Does Meditation Do?
Meditation regulates the stress level in the body by regulating the stress hormone. Thus, it eliminates the natural stress symptoms developed by the body such as fear, anxiety and worry. In addition, since it manages stress mechanisms, it regulates the functioning of the heart to a certain extent and prevents the occurrence of diseases such as high blood pressure. In short, meditation helps to treat all stress symptoms that may occur in the body, both physically and mentally.
How to Meditate?
Contrary to popular belief, the mixed meditation techniques that we have created in our minds are quite easy and simple. Before you start meditation, you need to set the time zone that suits you best. Because during the time you allocate to meditation, there should be no element that will disturb your mind. You should also practice meditation techniques regularly. First, you should use meditation sets that will help you meditate, such as incense, meditation music, scented candles. This will be better for your focus. Afterwards, you can start with breathing exercises by sitting comfortably on your meditation mat or meditation pillow. Breathing exercises will help you prepare both you and your mind. While doing your breathing, you should also focus on the energy flow in your mind. This way you can activate your chakras. After activating your chakras, you will be able to see that you can direct your emotions and thoughts. You can feel that the meditation you do in 10-15 minutes of practice refreshes your mind and body.
Benefits of Meditation
The main benefits of meditation are:
It cleans your mind deeply by removing the stress you have experienced during the day.
-Fear, anxiety caused by stress. It makes you think more healthy by destroying emotions such as panic.
– It provides a comfortable and quality sleep experience as it keeps your stress hormone at reasonable levels.
– It allows you to have healthier and higher quality relationships.
– Through the affirmations you have made in meditation, you gain inner peace.
– Maximizes your creativity and intuition.
- By eliminating your focus problem, it increases your concentration ability.
- Regulates your blood pressure by reducing the pressure on the heart. It also keeps your blood pressure stable.
– Strengthens your immune system.
– You will never feel tired when you wake up in the morning, as it offers a comfortable sleeping experience.

Golden Advice for Beginners to Meditation
1-Set a special area and time for yourself
You should set aside a special space and time for meditation. Because in this way, you will make your meditation practices a routine, as you will adjust your work according to the time period you allocate. Also, creating a private meditation space will be better for you and those around you, so you won't have to look for an empty room when it's time to meditate.
2-Take a comfortable position
Before you start meditation, make all your preparations. Prepare all required meditation kits. For example, set up your scented candles, incense, meditation mat and the meditation music you have chosen before you start meditating. Then, set your most straight and correct meditation posture, which will keep your body constantly straight and will not disturb you during meditation. You can get help from zafu (meditation mats) while determining this posture.
3-Determine correct breathing techniques
Breathing is perhaps one of the most important details of meditation. Choosing the right breathing technique is important for activating your energy chakras. Thus, by allowing you to get more efficiency from meditation, it allows your body to be more purified.
4-Focus on your body
By focusing on your body, you can feel the energy flows more comfortably. First of all, try to feel if there is a tense point in your body. When you encounter a tense point, use certain affirmations to reduce the tension and dominance of that point in your mind.
5-Listen to your thoughts
Focus on your thoughts during meditation. Make sure that no thoughts occur in your mind other than meditation. Otherwise, you may not be able to get the most out of your meditation practice. So try to manage your thoughts. In addition, while managing your thoughts, focus on your breathing and the energy flow in your body as much as possible.
6-End the meditation
After your meditation practice is over, you can gradually communicate with your surroundings. Exiting the meditation practice suddenly will cause the energy flow to be cut off from the body momentarily.

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