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Yoga Supplies for Beginners

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What Are Yoga Supplies?

You are thinking of embarking on a new path these days. This road is such a road; it will give you the opportunity to purify yourself, increase your awareness, and perhaps be reborn through change. Yes, yes, you guessed right. We're talking about yoga right now.

You may have decided to do yoga to get rid of the daily busy city life. However, if you do not have a good grasp of the yoga materials you need to purify yourself with this lifestyle, let's introduce you to all the yoga materials in detail in this article.

Yoga Mat

The yoga material that almost everyone who starts doing yoga has an idea about is the yoga mat. Mats laid on the floor where yoga is practiced; It prevents the body from coming into direct contact with the hard floor. In addition, mats are generally non-slip. This is an achievement that minimizes the possibility of the person doing yoga to slip and fall to the ground. In addition, the part of the mats where the feet and the body come into direct contact is made with non-slip fabrics. In other words, mats are one of the yoga equipment that will eliminate the possibility of your feet slipping and falling to the ground.

Yoga Mat Bag

If you are going to a studio to practice yoga and you want to take your yoga mat, which we talked about in the previous section, from your home; You should definitely buy a yoga mat bag. Because it will be difficult for you to carry your yoga mat in your hand without your bag. However, your bag is in a way that you can place your mat in the most correct way, and it provides you with ease of carrying thanks to its handle. Starting from this point, you can also take a yoga mat bag to carry your mat while going to the studio; In this way, you can easily take your mat with you when you go on vacation.

Yoga Bolster

Yoga bolsters, which can be translated as "cylinder yoga mat" in Turkish, are yoga materials that support the body of the person doing yoga. Especially in challenging yoga positions, it is possible to relax and purify without the possibility of injury, thanks to the bolsters that support the neck, back or waist. If you want better conditions while doing yoga, you should definitely buy a yoga bolster.

Yoga Zafu

Do you like the idea of ​​being gently supported under your sitting bones while doing yoga, right? So you should do yourself a favor and buy one yoga zafu. The name of the yoga material, which has a more rounded shape and is softer than normal cushions, is yoga zafu. With yoga zafu, which has different size options for different weights, you can both enjoy more and maintain your body posture while doing yoga.

Lavender Eye Cushions

The lavender eye pillows, which are used in the Savasana pose, that is, the Corpse Pose, which is often repeated while doing yoga, allow the wearer to calm down and focus more on the moment as they calm down, thanks to the lavender aroma in their content. Anyone who wants to give himself more to his body and breath while doing yoga and, as a result, to understand better, explore better and perceive balance more deeply, should definitely get lavender eye pillows. In addition, when the eye pillow is put on before going to sleep at night, it helps the person to sleep better and have nights full of pleasant dreams.

Yoga Belt

The name of the yoga material that should be used especially in yoga poses where it is very difficult to reach the feet is the yoga belt. The yoga belts, which should be used by passing under the feet in yoga positions where it is not possible to reach the desired part of the body, allow you to enjoy yoga more, to be purified more, and to affect the right point of your body with the movement you make, thanks to the convenience they provide.

Yoga Block

You may not have come across many people who use a yoga block until today. But for a more enjoyable yoga experience, a yoga block is also very necessary… Because yoga blocks also support the body… Also, yoga materials designed based on the differences in the bodies of people… So for example, if your arms are short and you are doing a pose where you need to touch the ground; instead of hurting your body, you can try to touch it by placing a yoga block at your feet; You can stretch it as needed by applying force to it.

Yoga Blanket

The yoga position used for deep relaxation after every yoga practice is called savasana. The yoga material you should use for a more efficient rest while in the savasana position is the yoga blanket. In addition, other important positions where you should use a yoga blanket while doing yoga; These are the positions where you should put your knees on the floor. Because putting your knees directly on the hard floor will hurt you. Thanks to the soft texture of their fabrics, these blankets protect your knees from the effects of the hard floor. You should also buy yoga blankets that will make you happy with their soft structure and prevent your knees from getting hurt during deep rest.

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