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Holistic Relaxation Journey with Yoga Therapy

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In general, yoga is a helpful tool that relaxes you both psychologically and physically.

With this tool to help you relax, you will feel a long-lasting energy flow in your body from the moment you start practicing yoga. This energy flow will ensure that your body is purified from bad energies.

Meditation, on the other hand, increases your mental awareness and allows you to relax your mind deeply with the energy that emerges. If you want to relax your mind after a busy day, meditation will be the right option. When these two golden keys that we mentioned above come together, they make you feel better by clearing you of bad energy both physically and mentally. If you want to discover this unique relaxation, Yoga Therapy is for you. We have compiled everything you wonder about yoga therapy for you. We wish you pleasant reading!

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy, literally, is a yoga practice in which both yoga and meditation are at the forefront. In this yoga practice, holistic relaxation is aimed by relaxing all points of the body, both physical and mental.

According to other yoga practices, yoga therapy, which aims for a holistic relaxation, aims to reduce the stress level of the body, which is under intense stress and pressure due to a fast and tiring work life. In line with this goal, yoga therapy provides a holistic relaxation and calmness in the body by destroying the bad energy accumulated in the body thanks to the high energy flow.

Thanks to this deep stillness mentioned, energy currents are transmitted to the body more clearly and faster, as all the chakras are actively activated. Thus, all bad energies are removed from the body within seconds. While meditating for the energy currents to activate the chakras, you can easily get into the meditative spirit by turning on light music and burning incense. In addition, thanks to odor and sound stimulants, you can feel the energy flow in the body more comfortably.

How is Yoga Therapy Done?

Before starting yoga therapy, you should first make sure that the clothes you wear are made of flexible and comfortable fabrics. Because inelastic clothes restrict you during yoga therapy. Then prepare your yoga mat, bolsters and yoga blanket that you will use in yoga therapy. After the preparation phase, turn on some light meditation music. The music you have turned on allows you to adapt to meditation more comfortably. In addition to music, burning candles and incense will also make you more active in meditation. Then sit on your yoga mat and focus first on the music and the scent of incense, so that your mind does not focus on anything else, but simply integrates into meditation. After the focus step, start your yoga therapy first with breathing exercises. In this way, by keeping your breathing under control, you can regulate the energy flows that will occur in the body. After the breath control, you can start your yoga practice. When you start your yoga practice, you can put your bolsters under your neck and eliminate your neck straightening problems. After doing your yoga practices, take your yoga blanket and rest for a while at the end of the yoga therapy session. In this way, the energy flow that will occur in your body will be transmitted more clearly.

Who Should Do Yoga Therapy?

– People who have neck and waist flattening problems

– Those who have spinal cord disease similar to scoliosis and who experience pain due to these problems.

  • People who experience pain in the form of myofascial pain in various parts of the body.
  • Those who have had a previous injury in yoga or any sports discipline
  • Patients experiencing autonomic process imbalances such as high blood pressure, urinary incontinence and bowel irregularity.
  • It can be applied as an adjunct and supportive treatment to patients undergoing physiotherapy for certain reasons.
  • People who are afraid of having physical condition problems in yoga types
Patients who experience the problems mentioned above should definitely attend yoga therapy classes and practice yoga. In addition, they can easily practice yoga therapy at home.

What are the Benefits of Yoga Therapy?

The benefits of yoga therapy are endless. So much so that it completely regulates the body and mind with energy flows. At the beginning of the areas where the body is regulated, patients who have neck and waist problems come first. Some problems occur in the vertebrae of the spinal cord of people who experience neck and waist flattening. These problems cause waist and neck flattening in the future. At this very point, yoga therapy regulates these flattenings in the spinal cord, restores the spinal cord to its former state, and provides relief from the patient's pain.

Secondly; It also plays an important role in the recovery of scoliosis that occurs in the spinal nerves. Thanks to this important role it plays in scoliosis, it helps to improve scoliosis by re-seating the slipped vertebrae in the spinal cord.

Thirdly, yoga, Taekwondo, Aikido etc. It is used for people who experience disability in sports disciplines to pass the disability processes faster and healthier. Because it quickly treats problems such as dislocations and fractures in the bones and allows the patient to recover more quickly.

Fourth, it prevents the person from being exposed to these diseases by regulating the heart rhythm and regulating diseases that may occur (high blood pressure, frequent toileting) by regulating the heart rhythm, thanks to the energy current waves it spreads to the body.

Yoga therapy has many other benefits similar to the ones we listed above. The reason for this is that it relaxes the body and mind deeply.

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